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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs: Spray Treatment Vs. Heat Treatment

In the year 2015 a report from Huffington post, there are five cities of U.S that infested by the bed bugs are Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Los Angeles, and Cleveland. The city St. Louis isn’t on the list, whatever, the cities mentioned above, ours are very far from the experience of bed bugs inflation according the number of increasing people with the insects.


How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The paste controlling providers generally use two methods to kill bed bugs and they one of them is spray and the other is heat. Spray treatment is very effective as it spreads its substance among the bed bugs to kill them at a time. On the other hand the heat method also works to sake the infestation of bed bugs until it leads the bed bugs to death situation. Now you may think of the best choosing option for letting out bed bugs from your house. In this case you have to use both of them to compare the accuracy of killing bed bugs then you can decide the best one method which you can use most of time in future bed bugs infestation.


It may cost very low in the small living space, such as a traditional studio apartment for heat treatment system and it may not cost more than thousands of dollars. If we go for spray treatment way to calculate cost for this service then we find it less. The infestation sites are sprayed more than once so that no signs of bed bugs can sustain. To consider bed bugs infestation treatment from the level of its expenses then I suggest you to use the spray treatment for pest control  service .



Now we may compare the accuracy of killing bed bugs between two methods and the heat both are effective. But they have different systems of working effectively bed bugs and killing them. People like to use the heat treating method because they find it as truly as effective for killing the bed bugs within a few hours. On the other hand spray treatment is also effective because the power of spray stay long after it has dried and the substance of spray that helps to kill the bugs sustain long for weeks. As soon as bed bugs try to cross the spray like they got death. According to the use of heating and sprays are useful for killing bed bugs. Suppose the bed bugs may be infested under the mattress and you can not apply heating there. In this case you have another choose to use spray there.



In past days people had to suffer from the effective chemicals of poisons in sprays and it was not safe for them at all. The toxic chemical DDT had been used to kill bed bugs easily. But now today it has become safe as EPA regulations for toxic chemicals has removed. Now the spray we use are toxic free and safe for all that only create problems to live bed bugs not human, animals or plants.




Spray method can be used in any condition basically when you will not think of to remove any objects from the structure. So it has found convenient for killing the bed bugs using spray method. But if you want to use heating method some of your home objects that may be affected by the power of heating. So you must keep them away or remove from the treatment area of heating that considers a hard job for you. The things could be infected or burn while using heat method are oil paintings, computers, foodstuffs, cosmetics, plants.

Have a Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs infestation has become a common affair now days for some countries, cities and areas of the world. If you have such an infestation of bed bugs take immediate help from our pest control and animals solutions. We provide solution to the pests like bed bugs with a free inspection in your home and building.  From our yearly experience of eliminating bed bugs we provide service with guaranteed removing the infestation of bed bugs. A suggestion comes that is about the spray method which can be use mostly for the bed bugs infestation.


The leader of St. Louis pest Control Company is a Holper’s Pest & Animal Treatment. This company does not work for a specific insects or animals. We provide our services for the treatment of roaches, bed bugs, brown recluse spiders, carpenter ants, ladybugs, termites, squirrels, raccoons, voles, moles, mice, birds, pigeons, skunks, rats, chipmunks, geese, bees, yellow jackets and many more.


Actually in the end the spray and heat both methods are applicable for killing the bed bugs. You have choosing option from our pest control company. The method you think best for you or take suggestion from our experienced to apply the one. They choose methods according to the level of infestation and condition of your house before they apply a method for pest controlling treatments.